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Friday, April 29, 2011

My Beautiful Journey with FABULA COLLAGEN MAX

Posted by ciawei at 11:09 PM
**~~Sharing my Beautiful Journey with Fabula Collagen Max~~**

I am quite curious about collagen drink quite a while ago, and would like to know more about it. Prior to that, I have tried Fabula Collagen Max that free from ifeel Magazine. Without hesitation, I went to SASA and bought it. There are so many variety of collagen drink, finally I had chosen Fabula which is my first ever collagen drink.

I love this Tag Line:
[Life is Pure, Beauty is Simple]
Fabula Collagen Max 带你 回到原点,看待美丽。。轻熟龄之不老魔法!!

Retail Price RM158 1 box of 10 bottles,now SASA promotion RM 148 Free 2 bottles. Pink color packaging with Lynn picture on it. Cant wait to start my beautiful journey now...
What is Collagen? Why it is so important to our body? Collagen is one of the most plentiful proteins present in the our body. Without it, the body and skin would lost elasticity.

so we should start having collagen start from our early 20s!!

Fabula Collagen Max Ingredients:

Notice that beside Collagen, it also contain a lots of vitamins and nutrients!!
(Click to enlarge view)

Collagen Max contain collagen up to 9,000 mg!!Which is quite competitive in the market.
A comparison of collagen ingredient...Fabula Collagen Max contains 3 times more collagen compare to other! 9,000 mg of Collagen!! It is totally Collagen "MAX"IMUM!!

Fabula Collagen Max was Watsons Award Winning Brand: Best Beauty Drink,Official helathy drink for ifeel girl search and Miss Astro

“Beauty from Love, Beauty from within” ...The Brand Story...
Few years ago, right before Lynn's 30th birthday, her husband tried to find out what she wants for her big day. "Something that will revive beauty and youth!" she casually answered. CollagenMAX, the collagen drink that she misses so much, instantly sprung to his mind. Right there andthen, he decided to bring this product into Malaysia, and surprised her with this news on her birthday!! And this brought the good news to us in Malsysia too!!

Beautiful Lynn with a new look! :)
Why the brand cname all "Fabula"? This is a take on the word "fabulous", embodying the simple ways of achieving high quality of life. Under Fabula, CollagenMAX exudes this philosophy as well: Life is pure, beauty is simple.

~~I started my beautiful journey with Fabula Collagen Max~~
This is me, wo weeks ago,my skin looks dull and tired, due to sleep late every night...

The color is golden yellow and full of nice fruity taste.

[Remember, 1 bottles per 3 days, 12 bottles per pack last for 36 days]

[The best time to take it is on the early morning before breakfast, it is to enhance absorption. Drink some plain water to quench your thirst as it might be a bit thicky]

After 2 weeks, I see my changes, my skin is more brighter and radiant. Thanks to Collagen Max!!


You can find Fabula Collagen Max in Watson, Guardian, Sasa. If you lazy to go shopping, you can actually purchase online. They offer FREE DELIVERY!

Fabulous Lynn is on Facebook too!!Join the beautiful family now!!
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