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Friday, April 8, 2011

Levi's Curve ID Girl Contest

Posted by ciawei at 3:52 AM
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Calling all Levi's fans, Levi's is looking for 16 curve ID girls to that represent REAL WOMEN, REAL SHAPE. What you need to do is just simply few steps :), you could stand a chance to win RM 1000 of Levi's products. Not only that, you could have a chance appear in Cosmopolitan and Cleo Magazine!

How does this work?:
Simply 4 steps:
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Or now is more easier, just go to any Roadshow below, for 6 APR until 8 APR (Fri-Sun) of any Levi's outlet below to get measured and submit your entry on the spot!!
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The you just click here to upload your photo by completing a tiebreaker :"Because it's all about Shape, Not Size - every woman has the right to..." !!

For me, last week I have revisit the Levi's store at Subang Empire :)

Since I was measure previously and I knew my Curve ID - DEMI CURVE (check here for my previous post), so I just have to choose a Curve ID to try on. Please refer to my previous post on the measure thing.

There are many variety of them, it is just a pleasure to try, flaunt and snap!!

Flaunt with my own Levi's Curve ID in front of the store

In the store, I found a pair of Curve ID which capture my attention!! This is nice equiped with blink blink pink crystal

One of the T&C for this contestis must take pose & snap in Levi's store.

Another criteria is flaunt it confidently~

Snap a few pictures and now I headache of which one should upload to the Facebook? What do you think? It is only 1 photo allowed to upload....can I upload all? lol :P

Ya, there are something to highlight here, currently there are few promotion in the store, if you go Levi's store, don forget to check it out! RM 80 off when you trade in your old pair of jeans!!
Good deal!! Don't miss it!!

So quick go to Levi's store to TRY, FLAUNT, SNAP AND POST IT!!

Also, today the last day to submit the surver to stand a chance to win Levi's RM 200 voucher. Click here : Win Total of RM 1400 vouchers from Levi's

Please check it out!! All the promos here are:
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For more info, pls visit Levi's Facebook page


hazel darwisya on April 8, 2011 at 6:53 AM said...

Hi! I'm a Levi's fan too.. Did u participate in the contest? I did, you can see it here..

I made a post abt my addiction too before this..

ciawei on April 9, 2011 at 8:15 AM said...

Hi Hazel, I want to participate too...but not yet upload the glad u read my blog :)

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