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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SASA Guest Reviews Wanted!!

Posted by ciawei at 10:48 PM
Hi all, good news here!! ^.^ Pls helping to spread the news ok!!
SASA will be having another guest review program, this round they going to give 30 lucky bloggers and 70 SASA facebook fans people to review for it!!

I was getting my BeautyFoot product last week and going to review it soon by Oct 17, 2010. So stay tune to my blog. I'm going to show my not miss it!! *wink* ~.~

So what is this round products offered? Deng deng!!!


**Below is details extracted from SASA blog**

Who is Collistar? Let’s start with products offered by a company named Collistar, shall we?

Collistar has been the N°1 brand in Italian selective perfumery since 2003, achieving incredible results for the last 6 years as:

The brand having the most dynamic and balanced range, performing homogeneously with all its lines
The company with the best rotation and with the lowest stock
The brand that contributed most significantly to the growth of the perfumery market
And what Sa Sa wants to introduce to our fans today is Collistar’s Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub. Now now, what comes to mind when you first read the name??
*guess guess guess =P*

Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub is the first ‘heat-effect’ talasso-scrub. The extracts with lipolitic properties acts on superficial fatty deposits, and stimulates the skin microcirculation. Too scientific? Allow me to simplify it =)

It basically means that the heat treatment will stimulate your skin’s microcirculation and creates an intense remodelling and lipolitic effect which has immediate yet visible effectiveness! Yes, a slim-wrap effect! This amazing scrub contains sea salt, glycerine, green tea, ivy, fucus vasciculosus, fig shoots, Actisculpt, essential oils of rosemary and lavender which work different miracles on your body. That’s a lot of goodness in a 700gram jar! (RSP: RM145)

CAMPAIGN: Guest Reviews for Collistar – Thermoactive Talasso Scrub
Time of submission: 13th of October – 20th of October 2010
Results to be out: 29th October 2010 (before 6p.m)
Blogger’s blog post submission: 14th November 2010 (before 12a.m)

- Have a personal blog (that’s about fashion, beauty and the joys & woes of being a woman)
- Have been blogging actively for the past six months (at least four posts per month)
- Interested to do a product trial and blog review for Collistar
- Able to pick up the trial product from six selected Sa Sa Stores in KLANG VALLEY
- Able to complete product trial and blog review by 14th November 2010 before 12a.m. (for bloggers)
- Able to complete product trial and product survey by 14th November 2010 before 12a.m.(for Facebook and Twitter fans)

For further details, pls go to SASA blog!!

So go to SASA blog to submit your details now.

Cheers!!!! ^_______^


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