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Thursday, October 14, 2010

BeautyFoot Review: Only @ SASA :)

Posted by ciawei at 8:37 PM
Firstly a million thanks SASA for the opportunity for the BautyFoot product review. ^__^

Before the review, I explain on this product 1st:
~BEAUTYFOOT launch in Malaysia on 15 JUNE 2010

This advertisement is found on one of the Chinese magazine

~Only available at

The translation:

No rubs, no scratch, no pain to keep away dead skin cells
Just like applying mask for the face.

During the summer, you will wear skirts, sandals and show off your pedicure, do you worry about the hard and rough foot spoil the view of the pedicure?
The latest Japan invented BEAUTYFOOT technology with no rubs, no scratch! And easy-to-use, just like applying mask for your foot.
After 5-7 days of using, the dead skin cell of the foot will peel off naturally by itself. Afer 1 week, you will experience a soft and smooth foot like baby.

~Japanese silk cotton materials and convenient foot wear design
~Contains various ingredients to soften dead skin, experience the change of skin without pain
~Contain various of natural plants extracts that soften, moisture and calm your foot
~Fresh and non-oily

Click to visit BEAUTIFOOT website for more info
Prior to wear the BeautyFOot
Rough foot surface


The image on the box after 5-7 days of using, the skin will peel off naturally and achieve a beautiful foot

A pair of BeautyFoot in form of sock by plastic materials and cotton cloth inside, which the cotton cloth contain many types of natural fruits acids ingredients
Note: have to cut using scissoron the top of the pack before using

How to use?

Check this! I got it from the Youtube

Waiting..waiting...2 hrs, my foot may be too small so I put on the clips to hold it

Left: Before using; Right pic: after 2 hrs of using, the dead skin peeling out itself, but not completely, still need to wait for few days.

My foot after 2 hrs, feeling the differences

1 day...2days...3days...4days
The result after 4days, notice my dead skin cell is slowly peeling off by itself naturally Pls take note do not peel it, let it peel off itself

Don't go away!! Pls follow my blog to know the final result in 1 week yep *wink**~~

Oh....finally finally...

The foot become so soft :)

For more information, please visit BEAUTIFOOT.ORG or any SASA outlets.

Join SASA facebook
Join BEAUTIFOOT facabook


AnnaYJia on October 18, 2010 at 3:31 AM said...

Please remember to post more dead skin photos ~~~~ *excited to see ppl to peel their dead skin * hahaha...

Jessying on October 18, 2010 at 4:28 AM said...

nice woo!!! start peeling .. haha sounds like how the snake change skin like that !!!

ciawei on October 18, 2010 at 8:02 PM said...

Yes Anna: Ya, I'm quite exicited for the change of skin too :)

Jess: Ya like snake..haha :)

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