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Monday, August 30, 2010

SHINS Mid Valley evolution party

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SHINS will open up 2 places for blogger for the party above..
Just join friends, see who are the lucky one? ^^

So excited to know that the theme is Orange Beauty, Orange is always a lucky and happy colour!!

Orange boost my energy up, keep me stay healthy, happy and be a beauty, because of the natural SHINS Organic products!!

So what u waiting for? Come and support SHINS @ FB. !! For more products info, click here..
Lets join as SHINS FB fans and get more latest news, promotions, activities and events!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

B.liv Off with Those Head Sebum Gel

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I've been so long not sharing my skin care product review. Probably I'm too lazy, haha..but recently I have tried one very effective product that make me really want to blog it out!

Yes it's B.liv Off with Those Heads Sebum Gel

I have very oily and shiny face, especially on my T-zone, my nose is greasy all the times and I'm suffering the black heads & white heads problem for years.I even need to do deep cleansing mask on my nose everyday but couldn't reduce my problem. Sometimes I pinch the black head out of my nose using fingers!! I knew it's not good but I extremely hate those HEADS!!
Until I tried this sebum gel.

Here is the summary for my review:-

How to use: Press a pea-size and apply on T-zone/nose after toner and massage to absorb. Use day and night following with normal skin care routine.

Texture: Yes, I really love it because it's transparent gel type, the feeling is nice because I felt my nose is amazingly clean.

Effect: 5 STARS given!! No need to pinch again, no need to suffer!! Those heads are reduce because it's able to melt away the heads and avoid the forming of those heads. Not only that, it also slow down my sebum production on my nose.

Where to get it? it's a hot selling item in all SASA outlet.

Just for the info:
Now SASA 1U and Selective One Utama are having bliv promotion, just print out the voucher here (Duration: 3 - 10 August 2010) to get RM 20 off of all the bliv product. Join the bliv and SASA Malaysia fan page for more info,good news and contest!!

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