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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make up Forever - David Arbid (Part 1)

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It was last Sunday, went to the PJ state for a Makeup Forever (MUFE) makeup class, yes it was more like a course than a workshop but I have learn a lot!!

May be I am too new to make up, the whole class seems quite fast to me, I should attend beginner one. >.<
This reminds me my class room during uni time

This is David Arbid-International Makeup Artist

So many makeup thingy!!

parts of MUFE makeup products

All kinds of brushes

one of the liquid foundation

This Oil-free face Matifying primer is nice: no more feeling oily

The foundation that give mat effect

Concealer, there are 16 shades of concealer if not mistaken, wow! 16!

At the back of the concealer packaging- they call it "camouflage cream"

This is eye shadow, can use for lips, face art too, there are multiple colors to choose from

It's gel type and the color very long lasting and easy to stay on skin, ideal for face art

Eye Liners

Lip liners also so many shades, I'm fainted already...O_o

Lip Gloss, notice that the lip gloss also have dark color, it is to cater for dark skin people

The HD (High Definition) Range

The whole bunch of HD range

This High Definition Elixir : a serum that is really good, apply before any makeup even for eyes area, it can reduce puffiness!! I like it!!

Blusher in cream type, lots of shades to cater for many types of skin tone

shades of foundation-in the HD (High Definition) range

Primers and some HD range, the primer :so beautiful colors

High Definition powder, it is kind of loose powder (white), it's suitable to all skin tone!! I like this too!! Will tell u why in next part!! ^_^

HD Concealer: just twist the head of the concealer and apply, very hygienic

This is magic, after apply on eye, for long lasting eye makeup effect, it is waterproof

Mist & Fix spray: final steps for makeup, to make fix the makeup

Cleansing oil and milk

~Come back tomorrow for more Part 2 updates on the details for the above~

Monday, June 21, 2010


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Hello dear all friends...I've been disappeared for so long in the blogging world. It is because, lazy honestly, may be mood swing for the last few weeks.

Now I saw 1 good news, really wanted to share:

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