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Sunday, April 18, 2010

IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 4th Product Review: 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream [Correct]

Posted by ciawei at 11:38 PM
My 4th Product: 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream [Correct]

1.21 DermClene Smoothing Cream [Correct]

When I've been given this product, the first thing in my mind was why is CREAM? My face already quite oily and why given cream to me? But I only know the answer after I use it.

Color: White (all the products of my range are white)
Texture: Creamy

Function(s):Clear inflammation and smoothens oily skin, replenish skin with essential moisture and prevent acne production.

How to use: Day and Night. Apply only at affected/acne and massage gently for optimal result, it's ok to apply on whole face

Conclusion after use:
Yes it is cream just like 1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream, apply on the affected area,
I think this got the more creamy texture than 1.20, but the effect is better than 1.20 because it is not only to sooth the acne but also prevent future acne production.

You know, I was given two types of [Correct] products for my face, meaning I need more treatment on my acne.
The two [Treat] products are:
1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream &
1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream

1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream (left); DermClene Smoothing cream (right)
You might ask what is the different between this two products?? Sure, I've the same questions and I've found out after using both of the products at the same time

Here are my comparison after use:

1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream
Packaging in pump-tubePackaging in jar
CreamyMore Creamy
A bit of mild tingling sensation upon applicationJust confortable without any feeling
CreamyMore Creamy, but the effect better as to prevent future breakouts
Contain non-photosensitising substancesUltra Light fast absorbing formula

Finally, which one I like the most?? Yes, it is you : 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream.



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