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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Final Rating for all the IDI-Italy Products

Posted by ciawei at 9:04 PM
Haiz, I've been away for so long about IDI-Product Review until the contest end... Feeling so sorry for my readers and IDI-Italy for my delay as busy to attend events, post up events, working and what ever excuses... Just feeling guilty of myself, just like not getting my homework done, sigh..

"Gomennasai" is the only word that I can say...

Finally I've decide to post up all the reviews to share as I don't want to waste all my post and...
most most most importantly this is my responsibility as a candidate in the Super Fan Campaign as I've sign the agreement during the interview session, this is my commitment.

Sure I will post out all of my post in this week for sharing...^^ stay with me yep..this made me remember my uni time when rushing for thesis. Haha.

My Final Rating of all 8 products after Reviewed:

1 - 5 stars will be given( minimum 1, maximum 5)

For oily/acne skin care product
Step 1: 3.11 DermReviv Conditioning Lotion 150ml [Cleanse]-------3 stars
Step 2: 1.10 DermClene Facial Cleanser 150ml [Cleanse]----------2.5 stars
Step 3: 1.20 DermClene balancing Cream 50ml [Correct]------------3.5 stars
Step 4: 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream 50ml [Correct]-------------4 stars
Step 5: 1.30 DermClene Hydrating Cream 50ml [Care]---------------4.5 stars

Extra care 1: 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask 50ml [Treat]-----------------5 stars
Extra care 2: 0.20[Pro] TriAction Face Defender Cream 50ml [Treat]---3.5 stars
Extra care 3: 0.30[md] UtlrAction Protection Cream [Treat]-----------3.5 stars

* Please note that all the rating are base on my own experience.

Summary about all the reviews:

Must have: 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask
U don't need to stock up too many different mask eg. whitening, anti-aging, oil-control, hydrating, moisturizing...etc...this one is all in one, save time and save $$ !!! it is only RM 186, you may think that quite expensive but please consider also all the functions!!
Lazy like me? opt for this girl!! ^^I just love it so much!!

For the 1.20 DermClene balancing Cream 50ml [Correct] or 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream 50ml [Correct], you can just choose one to save cost as both has similar function.

Honestly, this brand has good products for oily and acne prone skin type, I can't comment for the other range as I just try for the oily/acne range. I notice my breakout become lesser and well control, no redness if I manage to apply the DermClene Soothing Cream or DermClene Balancing Cream before the breakout become serious. However, my face still produce oil as due to hormonal changes, so can't blame the product but it has done well on slowing the process of the oil production as my face is hydrate when using the DermClene Hydrating cream.

Last but not least:

My final picture. Honestly, sure I must choose the best picture la..^^(click the pic to enlarge)

Picture taken recently on 4 Apr 2010 @ The Garden Mid Valley (with light make up base)



priincess on April 24, 2010 at 8:56 AM said...

this looks so good! i want to try it out!

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