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Monday, April 19, 2010

IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 8th Product Review: 0.30[md] UtlrAction Protection Cream [Treat]

Posted by ciawei at 8:20 PM
This is the final product review as I request from IDI during February. Why I request for it, as I stay in Terengganu, there are near to beach and I always getting dark when back from Terengganu to KL. So I decide to have a better coverage eg. SPF 50 sub block to protect me from all the harmful UV rays.

The final product to review: 0.30[md] UtlrAction Protection Cream [Treat]

I think no need to talk more about sun block again, everybody should know it clearly already.

Ultra Protection Cream SPF 50

Ultra Protection Cream SPF 50, the texture

Just bear in mind do not apply too thick, the result of thick layer on my hand

Just to compare the two, my conclusion are:

0.20[Pro] TriAction Face Defender Cream[Treat]0.30[md]UtlrAction Protection Cream [Treat]
Packaging in jarPackaging in pump-tube
Lighter creamy textureMore Creamy, a bit greasy compare to 0.20
SPF 15, less coverage, suitable indoor
SPF 50, more coverage, suitable outdoor
Tinted, natural colorColorless
can apply a thin layer around eyes areaNot advisable to apply around eyes area
PA level unknown, just mention SPF15
PA level unknown, just mention SPF50+

Overall, I'm quite satisfy with the both sunblock as one ideal for indoor with light texture and another one suitable for my outdoor activities.



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