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Monday, April 19, 2010

IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 6th Product Review: 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask [Treat]

Posted by ciawei at 6:39 PM
Extra care 1: 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask 50ml [Treat]

I've never believe that IDI-Italy is so kind tolet me try their star product: The MultiAction Mask. This creamy type mask look just simple but it has multi function for our daily skin care. It just suitable for those lazy people like me!! ^^

0.31[md] MultiAction Mask 50ml [Treat]

I have cutting out a new paper script from Sin Chew daily dated 31 Jan 2010 and kept it until now. I think that the explanation is quite good and easy to understand so I want to share with you all. It's a chinese explanation, so I think better I translate to English.
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I try my best to translate:
Mask, is like a supplement among all skin care products because it can provide us the nutrients that we need in our daily life. The IDI-Italy 1858 MultiAction Mask which launched last year is able to provide multi action to take care our skin concern.

Normally most of the mask in the skin care market will only emphasis on specific care, eg. whitening, hydrating, oil-control, moisturizing, enhance cell regeneration(for anti-aging)and etc. However, this Multi action mask already consist all of the functions mention above. So we don't need to headache when come to decide for what mask to choose. It is also contain Glycolic Acid that helps to improve absorption of nutrients and has exfoliation effect. It also contains vitamin C and shea butter that suitable for all skin types. ~RM 186~

MultiAction mask: Mask texture

cream and wash off type

Feature(s): Fragrance free, it help to even out skin tone, whitening, reduce spot, oil-control, anti aging, all in one!!!

How long should I wait??
10-20 minutes

How frequent??
Once or twice per week..depends on your needs.

The feeling upon applying?? A nice cool sensation feel upon applying and I feel my skin more softer and moisturized after rinse off, then following with my 1.30 DermClene Hydrating Cream as the last step.

My feeling after using??......
For 3 months of using, I notice my skin is getting more hydrate. Undeniably I can't stop all the sebum production as this is due to hormonal effect too..but I felt that using the mask and the hydrating cream make the oil production become slower.
Surprisingly my blackheads problem being reduce a bit as well.

P/s: I'm not going to show my face on mask...just terrible, I don't want you all get night mare after seeing it..haha (^.~)



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