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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Burt's Bee Workshop

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Due to I'm so busy for the last few days, I'm delay the posting for the Burt's Bee workshop, hope it not too late for sharing la!!

The workshop:
Venue: The Royal Bintang Hotel, The Curve
Date: 24 Apr 2010
Time: 10.00am - 2.00 pm
No of participants: 35
Organized by: Nuyou Mag & Burt's Bee in collaboration with Bobbi Brown and carmen Soo Fitness

The Workshops - each table 7 persons

Free to try all kind of lip balm

Burt's Bees Anti aging skin care, free to try too!!

Yoga session with Carmen Soo

Speaker of the day (forgot her name again, poor me!!)

Each of us provided with mirror

DIY Mask using egg white/yolks and Honey

The mixture of Honey and egg white

Bobbi Brown sponsored 5 sets of makeup product worth RM 350 each for the lucky draw, Rene and Adriane won it, so lucky girls yo!!

The goodie bag for all participants- all full size item except for Bobbi brown samples

Fabulously Fresh Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash 350ml
Soothingly Sensitive Aloe & Buttermilk Body Lotion 235ml
Coconut Foot Creme with Vitamin E 123g
Beeswax lip balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint 4.25g
Burt's Bees badge
Burt's Bees rm20 discount voucher -spending more than RM 100
Bobbi Brown's samples

Surprisingly not just refreshment, but lunch provided, quite delicious..yummy!!!!^^

~Burt's Bees colored my morning with Yellow~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Laneige Malaysia Water Bank Global Survey

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I'm away from office for 2 days, miss out such a big thing by Laneige ah...sad..Hope that not too late for me to submit the application. Girls out there who are still blur blur like me. Quickly submit now for the Laneige Water Bank Global Survey,the dateline is 29 Apr 2010, at least now still have chance..

Click here for Water Bank Global Survey

Friday, April 23, 2010

Laneige Free Eye Serum

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Good news!! :) Now u can redeem your Laneige Eye Serum at any Laneige Counter...Enjoy your weekend!!

Just Click here and "Like" Laneige Facebook here to watch the video and learn step by step Apple Zone Massage Technique from Laneige Beauty Consultants and print out the voucher from Laneige Malaysia laneigemalaysia

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Final Rating for all the IDI-Italy Products

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Haiz, I've been away for so long about IDI-Product Review until the contest end... Feeling so sorry for my readers and IDI-Italy for my delay as busy to attend events, post up events, working and what ever excuses... Just feeling guilty of myself, just like not getting my homework done, sigh..

"Gomennasai" is the only word that I can say...

Finally I've decide to post up all the reviews to share as I don't want to waste all my post and...
most most most importantly this is my responsibility as a candidate in the Super Fan Campaign as I've sign the agreement during the interview session, this is my commitment.

Sure I will post out all of my post in this week for sharing...^^ stay with me yep..this made me remember my uni time when rushing for thesis. Haha.

My Final Rating of all 8 products after Reviewed:

1 - 5 stars will be given( minimum 1, maximum 5)

For oily/acne skin care product
Step 1: 3.11 DermReviv Conditioning Lotion 150ml [Cleanse]-------3 stars
Step 2: 1.10 DermClene Facial Cleanser 150ml [Cleanse]----------2.5 stars
Step 3: 1.20 DermClene balancing Cream 50ml [Correct]------------3.5 stars
Step 4: 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream 50ml [Correct]-------------4 stars
Step 5: 1.30 DermClene Hydrating Cream 50ml [Care]---------------4.5 stars

Extra care 1: 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask 50ml [Treat]-----------------5 stars
Extra care 2: 0.20[Pro] TriAction Face Defender Cream 50ml [Treat]---3.5 stars
Extra care 3: 0.30[md] UtlrAction Protection Cream [Treat]-----------3.5 stars

* Please note that all the rating are base on my own experience.

Summary about all the reviews:

Must have: 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask
U don't need to stock up too many different mask eg. whitening, anti-aging, oil-control, hydrating, moisturizing...etc...this one is all in one, save time and save $$ !!! it is only RM 186, you may think that quite expensive but please consider also all the functions!!
Lazy like me? opt for this girl!! ^^I just love it so much!!

For the 1.20 DermClene balancing Cream 50ml [Correct] or 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream 50ml [Correct], you can just choose one to save cost as both has similar function.

Honestly, this brand has good products for oily and acne prone skin type, I can't comment for the other range as I just try for the oily/acne range. I notice my breakout become lesser and well control, no redness if I manage to apply the DermClene Soothing Cream or DermClene Balancing Cream before the breakout become serious. However, my face still produce oil as due to hormonal changes, so can't blame the product but it has done well on slowing the process of the oil production as my face is hydrate when using the DermClene Hydrating cream.

Last but not least:

My final picture. Honestly, sure I must choose the best picture la..^^(click the pic to enlarge)

Picture taken recently on 4 Apr 2010 @ The Garden Mid Valley (with light make up base)


IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 8th Product Review: 0.30[md] UtlrAction Protection Cream [Treat]

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This is the final product review as I request from IDI during February. Why I request for it, as I stay in Terengganu, there are near to beach and I always getting dark when back from Terengganu to KL. So I decide to have a better coverage eg. SPF 50 sub block to protect me from all the harmful UV rays.

The final product to review: 0.30[md] UtlrAction Protection Cream [Treat]

I think no need to talk more about sun block again, everybody should know it clearly already.

Ultra Protection Cream SPF 50

Ultra Protection Cream SPF 50, the texture

Just bear in mind do not apply too thick, the result of thick layer on my hand

Just to compare the two, my conclusion are:

0.20[Pro] TriAction Face Defender Cream[Treat]0.30[md]UtlrAction Protection Cream [Treat]
Packaging in jarPackaging in pump-tube
Lighter creamy textureMore Creamy, a bit greasy compare to 0.20
SPF 15, less coverage, suitable indoor
SPF 50, more coverage, suitable outdoor
Tinted, natural colorColorless
can apply a thin layer around eyes areaNot advisable to apply around eyes area
PA level unknown, just mention SPF15
PA level unknown, just mention SPF50+

Overall, I'm quite satisfy with the both sunblock as one ideal for indoor with light texture and another one suitable for my outdoor activities.


IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 7th Product Review: 0.20[Pro] TriAction Face Defender Cream [Treat]

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When we talk about sun block...what is in our mind??? the common questions about it is we will ask:

1. Is the texture oily?
2. Will it clog pores?
3. Is it provide good coverage?
4. Does it able to filter out both UVA and UVB rays???
5. Tinted or colorless?

So when I was given this 0.20[Pro] TriAction Face Defender Cream 50ml [Treat], I found out the answer for the above questions.
0.20[Pro] TriAction Face Defender Cream 50ml [Treat]

Color: It is tinted, very light color, will not see different if apply thin layer, so quite natural tone.

Texture:Fortunately, not greasy
See the colour

Apply on hands, the texture is just nice

Functions(s): SPF 15 as stated in the booklet. It contain anti aging property, Titanium Tioxide to reduce fine line, even out skin tone, whitening, prevent forming of pigmentation and reducing spot.

So my answers are:

1. Is the texture oily?

2. Will it clog pores?
--No, I can still apply a thin layer on my eye area as it is just gentle and won't clog my pores and won't cause oil seeds around my eyes.

3. Is it provide good coverage?
--So far so good, but one thing I notice the SPF 15 just stated in the booklet not the packaging, it's also not stated the PA level.

4. Does it able to filter out both UVA and UVB rays???
--see Q3, and it is just SPF 15, ideal for indoor only

5. Tinted or colorless?
--Yes it is tinted but the color is natural


IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 6th Product Review: 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask [Treat]

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Extra care 1: 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask 50ml [Treat]

I've never believe that IDI-Italy is so kind tolet me try their star product: The MultiAction Mask. This creamy type mask look just simple but it has multi function for our daily skin care. It just suitable for those lazy people like me!! ^^

0.31[md] MultiAction Mask 50ml [Treat]

I have cutting out a new paper script from Sin Chew daily dated 31 Jan 2010 and kept it until now. I think that the explanation is quite good and easy to understand so I want to share with you all. It's a chinese explanation, so I think better I translate to English.
Click here to enlarge

I try my best to translate:
Mask, is like a supplement among all skin care products because it can provide us the nutrients that we need in our daily life. The IDI-Italy 1858 MultiAction Mask which launched last year is able to provide multi action to take care our skin concern.

Normally most of the mask in the skin care market will only emphasis on specific care, eg. whitening, hydrating, oil-control, moisturizing, enhance cell regeneration(for anti-aging)and etc. However, this Multi action mask already consist all of the functions mention above. So we don't need to headache when come to decide for what mask to choose. It is also contain Glycolic Acid that helps to improve absorption of nutrients and has exfoliation effect. It also contains vitamin C and shea butter that suitable for all skin types. ~RM 186~

MultiAction mask: Mask texture

cream and wash off type

Feature(s): Fragrance free, it help to even out skin tone, whitening, reduce spot, oil-control, anti aging, all in one!!!

How long should I wait??
10-20 minutes

How frequent??
Once or twice per week..depends on your needs.

The feeling upon applying?? A nice cool sensation feel upon applying and I feel my skin more softer and moisturized after rinse off, then following with my 1.30 DermClene Hydrating Cream as the last step.

My feeling after using??......
For 3 months of using, I notice my skin is getting more hydrate. Undeniably I can't stop all the sebum production as this is due to hormonal effect too..but I felt that using the mask and the hydrating cream make the oil production become slower.
Surprisingly my blackheads problem being reduce a bit as well.

P/s: I'm not going to show my face on mask...just terrible, I don't want you all get night mare after seeing it..haha (^.~)


IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 5th Product Review: 1.30 DermClene Hydrating Cream [Care]

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The final steps for the 1.0 Oily/ acne prone treatment is 1.30 DermClene Hydrating Cream [Care] (Day and Night)
The Dermclene Hydrating Cream

The packaging is aluminum, just like toothpaste package

All four steps for the 1.0 oily/acne prone (Click picture to enlarged view)

Yes this is cream again, but I feel that it has more lotion like texture. I believe we all know that oily skin need more hydration as if our skin dry, our face tends to produce more oil.

Therefore, this is the lotion to apply on the whole face after all the steps to leave a layer of moisture on our face. Don’t worry because won’t feel greasy as I mentioned it is lotion based to hydrate our skin.

Color: Sure it’s white again.

Lotion base although it stated “cream”.

How to use:
Apply over skin like normal and massage gently.

Function(s): hydrate and calm acne prone skin, speed up cell regeneration, and prevent skin imperfection.

Special about it?? It claim to speed up cell regeneration, cool!!!

Conclusion after use: I feel my skin more hydrated and the production of oil become more slower. It is nice to apply before sunblock and foundation every morning because it makes more natural look as skin won't look flaky.

I like it? Yes for sure!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 4th Product Review: 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream [Correct]

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My 4th Product: 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream [Correct]

1.21 DermClene Smoothing Cream [Correct]

When I've been given this product, the first thing in my mind was why is CREAM? My face already quite oily and why given cream to me? But I only know the answer after I use it.

Color: White (all the products of my range are white)
Texture: Creamy

Function(s):Clear inflammation and smoothens oily skin, replenish skin with essential moisture and prevent acne production.

How to use: Day and Night. Apply only at affected/acne and massage gently for optimal result, it's ok to apply on whole face

Conclusion after use:
Yes it is cream just like 1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream, apply on the affected area,
I think this got the more creamy texture than 1.20, but the effect is better than 1.20 because it is not only to sooth the acne but also prevent future acne production.

You know, I was given two types of [Correct] products for my face, meaning I need more treatment on my acne.
The two [Treat] products are:
1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream &
1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream

1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream (left); DermClene Smoothing cream (right)
You might ask what is the different between this two products?? Sure, I've the same questions and I've found out after using both of the products at the same time

Here are my comparison after use:

1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream
Packaging in pump-tubePackaging in jar
CreamyMore Creamy
A bit of mild tingling sensation upon applicationJust confortable without any feeling
CreamyMore Creamy, but the effect better as to prevent future breakouts
Contain non-photosensitising substancesUltra Light fast absorbing formula

Finally, which one I like the most?? Yes, it is you : 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Too Hot to Handle

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After collecting my prize, I went to the Too Hot to Handle held by Hot Magazine and the Euphoria the Ministry of Sound.

The event was full of fun!! Not regret of being there, the lucky draw prizes are so fabulous but me and my friends are not getting any, sob...just only Kelly got herself a little lucky draw prize, she is quite good luck oh.

The details:
Ministry of Sound @ Euphoria, Sunway Lagoon Resort
When: Saturday, April 10 from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

I reached there around 12.15 pm and there was already a lots of people queuing up for the registration to get the Euphoria the Ministry of Sound club lady's VIP Card and the goodies bag.

Free manicure, eyelash extension and free flow of cocktails,lots of fashion show, dancing and lady's stuff are selling, but not so many picture taken as I felt headache already after 1 glass of cocktail, poor me I'm so sensitive to alcohol...:(

The queue so long already around 12.30pm

The agenda(Please Click the pic to enlarge)


Bliv- One of the sponsors of the event

Canon booth

The fashion show

Hot dancing

MC of the day: Arthur Tan, I only notice it is him when I back home flipped through the Hot Mag and Cleo Mag, he is one of the Bachelor in Cleo Mag

Some Lucky draw prizes: I want this so much but my number didn't turn out..sob..

so may things in the goodies bag, showing some only

Later I rush to the Shu Uemura party in Sunway Pyramid and got my freebies :
Shu Uemura door gift

and finally went to Subang Parade to collect my H2O SPA prize that I won from FB :)
H2O Spa Prezzie fro H2O Subang Parade

~End another great day with lots of fun and goodies~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Talika Event @ Pavillion Today!!!

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For those who free to go to Pavilion KL this 12.30pm, please
check out Lipocils Expert Launch Promotion at Main Entrance. Find out how to get longer eyelashes in 28 days!

Free mini 5min eye pampering service (Soothing eye sheet & eye mask treatment)

* Free Lash Conditioning Cleanser sample

* Special offers on Lipocils Expert

And hurry, if u are a Fan of My FM DJ Mei Yan, u can meet her there at Pavilion. Please wear in blue and white (Talika brand colour) and u will have a chance to win Talika products (Lipocils Expert + Lash Conditioning Cleanser)worth RM1475. Only for first 3 winners who get to find Mei Yan at the event venue!!! There are lots of samples to giveaways too, refer to Mei Yan.

Click here to become Mei Yan Fans and for more info ^_^


Shu Uemura Vouchers

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Just to share on the 2 current shu Uemura vouchers, print out on recycle paper ya!!
Want to know how to achieve flawless complexion? Get tips from our skilled beauty stylists with our complimentary makeover! Hurry, call any of the shu outlets to make an appointment (contact numbers listed on the top lefthand corner of the fan page). Limited to the 1st 10 customers daily. Please refer to the voucher for more details.

Contact as below, make appointment first ya ^^
One U~03 77275023, Mid Valley~03-22871764, Sunway Pyramid~03-56373301,Pavilion ~ 03-21417386, Tebrau~07-3545682, Isetan KLCC~03-20263194, Isetan Lot 10~03-21453548, Parkson KLCC~03-21624209, Parkson Gurney~03-2263651, Robinsons~03-22874618

Won Lancome Luminosity in 30

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Hi all just to share my happiness here, last week quite lucky that I wont the Lancome Luminosity in 3 contest on FB. Quite excited as I've never win any online contest before, this is the first time :)

I just collected my prize on saturday morning.

Mineral Loose Powder 10g and BB Base 30ml

I will try out the BB Base and loose powder.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yjia April Love Giveaway

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Our friend Yjia from Fancy Illusionist is having she first giveaway!!! Come come to support!! :)

First Prize:
- Kanebo Impress Deluxe Trial Set
- Calorina Herrera Sexy 212 Hydrating Body Lotion 50ml
- I Nuovi Lip Palette

Second Prize:
And the second winner will get :
- Kanebo Impress Deluxe Trial Set
- Clarins Joli Rouge sample with a mini lip brush

Sweet Note:
Mandatory Entry
- You must be a follower of my blog (by using the google friends connect)

Extra Entry
- Comment below and say :"Enter Me ! I'm a Fancy Illusionist !" ( 1 entry)

- Blog about my giveaway ( 2 entries)

- Put my giveaway including the picture at your blog side bar (3 entries)

- For those non-blogger participants, you may copy this " Enter AnnaYJia giveaway at which ends on 30th April 2010 !" and post it at your Facebook wall. ( 2 entries)

- Comment at my other post . 1 comment 1 entry.

Every participant can have only maximum 10 entries. And you may comment as the format below :

Follower ID :
Email :
Giveaway blogged :
Linked at sidebar :
Posted at Facebook :
Facebook Name (if posted at facebook) :
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