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Monday, March 8, 2010

Clarins Beauty and Wellbeing Workshop

Posted by ciawei at 7:00 PM
Last Saturday was my first time to Clarins Workshop.
Workshop: Clarins Beauty and Wellness Workshop
Venue: The Royale Bintang Mutiara Damansara
Time: 10 am - 12.30 pm
Fee: RM 30 (full redeemable of Clarins Products)
Organized by: The Malaysian Women's Weekly and Clarins

The registration counter, registration started 9.30am

The workshop start with the staff doing massage using Clarins hand cream on our hands, it's about 2 minutes massage.
The hands massage by Clarins's Staff

The Clarins hand cream used to massage our hands

The cute ribbon ring was wear on our finger after the massage, I don't know what's the purpose???
The ribbon ring on my finger

After that, the emcee of the workshop: Michelle was introduce the Yoga instructor of the workshop (I forgot her name).
Michelle, the emcee

The Yoga instructor

A simple Yoga session was started...

The Yoga instructor giving instruction in front and we all followed


Some simple Yoga learned, but seems like not enough space..Not what I was expected..."Each person in a Yoga Mat and have enough space to least"

It take around half an hr for the Yoga session. We learned some simple but useful tips on how to relax ourselves with Yoga in the office..
Then we are given a scented wood.
Scented wood, smell like the essential oil

After that, we are served with a cup of lemon tea with plum to relax ourselves.
Lemon tea with plum (without sugar)

Then, Michelle called 4 persons as there were selected to given some samples after the workshops and try the products and they will have to email back to Michelle on their review.

During the workshop, there was some Q&A and 3 pcs sample in pack(around 10 packs)was given out. The prize in the sample pack was
1. Gentle exfoliator 20ml
2. Hydra Quench Serum 3ml
3. Hydra Quench Colling cream gel 5ml
Congratulation to Lilian as she manage to answer the question and won herself one sample pack!!!

Then Michelle showed us the Power Point presentations on Clarins history, Clarins mission and her skin care regime.

Clarins We care

Michelle's daily skin care regime for face (Day)

Michelle's daily skin care regime for face and body(Night)

There was two real life demo (1 face & 1 body) on the Clarins treatment, 2 participants being selected and the demos will show how Clarins treatment session is going on.But we are not allowed to take picture on this.I think probably because to protect the 2 demo participants as they need to expose their skin (1 face & 1 body).
2 demo's participants: 1 demo on the face treatment and 1 demo for body treatment; and we are divided into 2 groups, one group surrounded to view the 1st participant demo and another 1 group surrounded to view the body treatment.

Due to limited time, the demo only takes like around 10-20 minutes, the face and body treatment demo are did at the same time.. And both the group just have time to see 1 demo.

I'm in the Face Treatment Demo group, during the demo, the Clarins staff explain what they use for facial treatment, the process, the purpose and we are given chance to feel the texture if we want(she will press a small amount on our hand and test/smell it,but except the younger Longer Balm, probably because it's expensive. I got a bit of the the enzyme exfoliator to feel it, it smell like fruits.
The Clarins staff said their salon products have more concentrated ingredients than the normal Clarins products they sell at the counter.
Before the end, a 10 minutes on demo of showing us how to do quick makeup.
Quick Makeup Demo

Finally, the great deals of the day offered to all the participants:
Buy 1 Treatment @ RM 100 free 1 Luminous Eye Treatment
Buy 1 Treatment free 1 Treatment @ RM 280
*offer only on workshop day
I felt a bit disappointed for this workshop because no hands-on session on their products as mention in the mag, just a 2-3 minutes hand massage from the staff. And the Yoga session is not what I'm expected, or may be I was too high expectation on this workshop.
However, overall not bad as the goodies bag is nice. It was all miniature!!! Not samples. Yeah!!

What's inside??

Products for face: Shaping facial lift 10ml and Younger Longer Balm 12ml

Products for body: Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate 50ml , Body Treatment Oil 30ml

RM 30 products/treatment voucher and Free Luminous Eye Treatment Voucher

Also, the price list was given in a booklet.
Clarins Treatment Price List

The workshop ended with some hotel refreshment like egg sandwich, small pizza, popiah, coffee and tea.
Last but not least, I know 2 new friends there!!
Lilian & I

Jovine & I

~End of the Workshop with a Great Morning~


FatiN on March 9, 2010 at 3:01 AM said...

The workshop looks very basic.. Expected there to a bit more to the yoga session.. But at least it's a good way to spend Saturday morning..

Nice door gifts.. :)

Miu on March 9, 2010 at 5:03 AM said...

hmm it would've been better to have the seats push back, hall empty @ giving space on floor to put yoga mats and do the stretches there. That's what the Treazures Workshop did when I attended a Yoga@Fitness@Health workshop. We got to bring back the yoga mat as well! which I still keep until now.

This seems like their standard workshop. The Power To Try workshop is a different concept which I think would've suited you more ciawei coz it's hands on all the way for daily skincare regime.

Jean on March 9, 2010 at 5:14 AM said...

hmm..the special price for the treatment is higher than the last workshop I went wor..

ciawei on March 9, 2010 at 4:52 PM said...

Fatin: Ya I was expected more Yoga...Nvm la, the door gift nice!! ^^

Miu: The Yoga@Fitness@Health workshop u attended so nice!! Yup I wish to attend something like the power to try workshop.

Jean: Really? That's y I didn't sign up any, I got no time to go treatment some more.

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