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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chocolate Cat's Party ^o^

Posted by ciawei at 12:57 AM
I was late again, to Fatin's tea party (Fatin: Chocolate cats & all things strange) at Full House near Jln Yap Kwan Seng !! The whole day had been a bit rush for me but I'm truly enjoying it.

I finally arrived at The Full House

Quiz to win prize

Game: To match the cat's mouth, who get the accurate match will win a prize

What a nice poster, hand made one!

Also, not just quizzes and games, Fatin wanted us to dance!! OMG!!!
The winner of the most weird dance will win a massage voucher.
Note that due to the dance moment is so embarrassing, so I don't want to post up the pic la...:)

Fatin is discussing with Sylvester to decide the winner of the dance, Sylvester will decide the result...sound strange? That's she is...haha

Guess who won??

Doroshi, the winner of the strange dance competition!!!

All of us posing with our prizes, (Jean was trying to get her camera)

Fatin, Sylvester & I

I like the cup cakes, and I brought home 2 pieces!!

My prizes at the party: Clarins Hands and nails Treatment Cream, Body shop strawberry shower gel

Fatin is so kind that she make sure everybody got a prize!!!

~Time past so fast, I ended of a great night with lots of fun memory~

Again, a Big Big hug to Fatin !!! ^0^


stellarvixen on March 24, 2010 at 3:22 AM said...

sweeeeet fun POST!
are you madddd enough!
OMG you ladies dressed up soo divine & prettily

ahh i was hooked up so dint sign up for fatin's cat's party!

am joinin miumiu for her MadHatter Tea pArty instead~~

ciawei on March 24, 2010 at 6:19 PM said...

Thanks Stellar,

I din wear nice dress because I rushed for 2 workshop at the same day too.

Miu got Madhatter party ar?? when when?? hehe ^^

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