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Monday, February 1, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Posted by ciawei at 10:57 PM
Dream...dream...dream....I am totally a dreaming and night...But with poor salary, I don't know when can I have all my dream come true...

Time is passing so fast, counting down and it is 2 weeks to go for Chinese New Year, just realize now is Tiger year already, and I haven't wake up from my last year's dream. Just aware of it and now it is time to re-start my dream yeh!!

In this year of Tiger, hey I just won a contest from megazine, so I believe Tiger year is definitely my year!!!

So, this year dream is a continuation of last year dream...Last year, I've been saved enough money to buy myself a new Panasonic Limix tough digital camera which I had dreamed for so long...U huu!!!

Here is it, got 2 years waranty somemore!! Totally worth it!!

Yep I like photography since I was in secondary school, remember last time I always broght my Kodak camera (film one), and it is manual one, need to roll my film after each picture taken, and if the picture taken not correctly, the film became matter how I still need bring my film to go to photo shop to print out all the's a long long time story already...

Thank god for technology enhancement, now we have compact digital camera, DLSR,!!! But the price...~_~

I bought a 5 Megapix Pentex digicam 3 Years ago which cost me RM 960 but it Chekai (broken)already after 2 years, so poor!! So I decided to purchase a new one, a tough one. So I start doing budgeting and saving since this June, finally, I have enough money to own one Lumix now.

So what I aim for this year? yes!! I wish:

A DSLR camera come with accessories!!! ^O^ Nikon D300S or D3000 is on my wish list. Hoho!!

I wish to join more photography workshop to learn more about the skill to take good picture.

Also, most importantly, wish to start a photography blog to share about my photography works!! Yeah!!

Let's cheers for Tiger year!!!



Shilka on February 6, 2010 at 12:40 AM said...

I hope your dream comes true :) Work hard, and keep spirits high!

I'm also itching for a DSLR cam too... but so exp T_T. But then again, to take pretty photos is so much fun.

ciawei on February 7, 2010 at 5:26 PM said...

Hi Shilka,

Ya, same feeling with u..taking nice photo si totally fun!!!

Need to work pretty hard to get it!!

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