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Sunday, February 28, 2010

IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 3rd Product Review: 1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream [Correct]

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Haiz…been so long not posting out the Super Fan Campaign Review.

Just flash back last 2 reviews :

Step 1: 1.10 DermClene Face Cleanser [Cleanse] (use daily)
Step 2: 3.10 DermRevive Conditioning Lotion [Cleanse] (use daily)

The product to review this time is:
Step 3: 1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream [Correct] (use daily)

1.20 DermClene Balancing Cream [Correct]50ml

The design: pump-tube

The cream texture, but not greasy

From Serie:1 (oily/ acne skin)

Function: Improve cutaneous tolerance and reduce blemishes while balancing and purifying skin.

Formulation: Contain non-photosensitising substances, Sebatic Acid fortified with Pro-Vitamin B5 in combination with Chamomile natural extract, Jojoba and Olive natural oil.

Texture: Cream, but not greasy

Color: White

Smell: non-scented, fragrance free

How to use? Just apply at the affected blemish area and massage gently to achieve optimal result.

Special Feature(s): There is a mild tingling sensation during the first few applications, don’t worry, it is because the cream contain acidic ingredient and it taking action on the blemishes on the face.
After few applications, there will be no more tingling feeling :)

Ingredients: Aqua, Propulene Glucol, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Sebacic Acid, Dodecanedioic Acid, Polyacrylamide, Panthenol, Olea Europea Oil, Unsaponifiables, etc…

Conclusion after used: Honestly speaking, when I apply on my "pre-develop" blemishes, it does slowly heal the blemishes before it become serious.

Tada!!! My Face is clear !!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Balik Kampung-Kemaman, Terengganu

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Last week went back to hometown-Kemaman located at Terengganu, Malaysia for Chinese New Year.

My hometown, kemaman, a very small town that I've live for more than 20 years. Nothing special just near by the sea. It is border of Terengganu and Kuantan, Pahang.

There are so many beaches in Malaysia, but I always think that east coast of Malaysia have lots of very nice beach, eg. Cherating, it is the nearest famous beach from Kemaman.

This time around, I have no time to going to sea during Chinese New Year. I know that should go as the wheather was damn hot, it's good to go to the beach, but also it is damn hot, I'm lazy to go out..

So after my holiday staying at home eating and sleeping, it is time to back to Kuala Lumpur again to work LOL...

So on the way back to KL, I stopped Cherating, it is just 10 minutes driving from Kemaman Town. So long time not going there already..

Some of the picture taken:

The Beach

Actually quite hot and felt the sun burn but I still posting with smile...

A chalet near the sea side

Just like a small town...

Sea Shell for sell

I am sad that I can't wait until the sunset, I need to continue my journey back to KL. I always wanted to take nice pictures of sunset at the beach. So hopefully next time I have plenty of time to go there, enjoy the breeze, the sunset and also the foods there!!! There are lotsa restaurant there, but the price quite expensive as it is a tourist spot.

To be continued next time when I go back hometown again...

Ms P First Giveway!!!

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Hey, there is a giveway I wanna join.
It's organised by Miss P

Here is the Giveaway:

Prizes include:

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Glitz & Glam Travel Brush Set with Case (1 blusher brush, 1 eyeshadow brush, 1 angled eye shadow brush, 1 crease brush and 1 black zippered case)
Revlon Fantasy Length Lashes in "Flirty"
NARS Duo Lip Gloss in Boogie Nights/Giza
MAC Eye Shadow in "Straw Harvest" from the 2010 MAC Spring Colour 2 Forecast Collection ("Straw Harvest" is a gorgeous shade of warm peachy gold in a pearl finish)
Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow in Ivy Icon
All you have to do is:

1) Be a follower or subscriber
You will be disqualified if you are not a follower or subscriber

2) You must be at least 18 years old to participate

3) Leave me a comment with your email address and also tell me what is the one makeup product that you can not go without (I can not go without my Carmex lip balm...dry lips are not cute)

4) Spread the love!
Blog about the giveaway with a picture of the prizes and include a link back to this post on my blog. You must leave me a link to your post in the comment section as proof.

All participants must follow all of the directions to be eligible. The contest will close on February 28th @ 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

To join, Just click here fast !!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Result for "Grest 2 Live" Blog giveaway!!!

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After a long holiday, my followers had been totaled about 60 already, so now it is the time to pick for the lucky winner!!!

I'm using "The Hat" to pick the lucky winner from the participant list.

Here is the Program.....

I'm picking only 1 winner oh...

This system will able to pick only 1 winner from the list. Due to it not allowed to have more than 1 same name, I have key in example ong, ong 2, ong 3 to represent those who have more than 1 chance in this giveaway.

Ok ok, who is the winner??

Here I am picking....dang dang dang!!!!

The winner is....

Congratulation to

*Anin from!!!

Yes, it had proven that the more entries u have, the more chances to win, just like Anin who followed my blog, blog out my giveaway on her blog and also introduced her friend to join my giveaway..

For those not winning don't be sad ya, I will have more giveaways in the future. Hmmm...thinking of having another big giveaway after I reach 100 followers.

So, stay tune to support my blog and again,

Big big thanks to all my follower who support my blog and those who join the giveway!!!!

Muak muak!!

*To Anin, I've sent the e-mail to u, pls check. Kinly e-mail your info to me @

Signed by

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nuffnang Tiger Run 2010!!!

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Last Friday, finally I decided to go to the Tiger Run, so quickly wite a post about my dream. Then the second day Nuffnang called me for the invitation.

Here are the details of the Tuger Run:

Time: 4.00pm
Date: 6th Februry 2010
Venue: Bar Madrid, Jaya One, PJ
Dress Code: Anything!

Posing at the poster before the run

Oh My god, I thought it just a simple run, so I just wore a pair of sandal. But it required to run 2 rounds surrounding the Jaya One building prior to proceed to any of the station/bar.

The participating bars are Bar Madrid, Royal Oak, Headquaters, Frontera, and Cafe Chulo. We are required to perform a task at each station. After performing the task, still have to run 1/2 round at Jaya One before proceed to the next station!!! Die me!!!

Guess which is me?? And notice what I was wore to run?? Skirt & sandal... (Thanks to my bf who follow me so closely and took picture for me for the whole run!!!)

blabla...After the run, dinner enfreshment provided. The most important thing for me, so hungy after the run.





and a whole event we can drink Tiger beer unlimited for free, but I didn't drink, so just took cold water

There was "Tiger dance" (actually is lion dance but the emcee said it is Tiger dance, Tiger year ma...) but I didn't go and take picture, because I'm too hungy wacking all the foods!! Rooarrr!!!..

Finally, did I won something? haha...I'm totally a poor runner.

The winners of the night

Me & the winner of best dressed female category

What I got from this run?

1.Nuffnang Badge

2. Tiger T-shirt


Finally I got

sick after the run because drinking too much of cold water after the run, my nose now broken already...keep sneezing, hachiu!!! Excuse me..@_@

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

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Dream...dream...dream....I am totally a dreaming and night...But with poor salary, I don't know when can I have all my dream come true...

Time is passing so fast, counting down and it is 2 weeks to go for Chinese New Year, just realize now is Tiger year already, and I haven't wake up from my last year's dream. Just aware of it and now it is time to re-start my dream yeh!!

In this year of Tiger, hey I just won a contest from megazine, so I believe Tiger year is definitely my year!!!

So, this year dream is a continuation of last year dream...Last year, I've been saved enough money to buy myself a new Panasonic Limix tough digital camera which I had dreamed for so long...U huu!!!

Here is it, got 2 years waranty somemore!! Totally worth it!!

Yep I like photography since I was in secondary school, remember last time I always broght my Kodak camera (film one), and it is manual one, need to roll my film after each picture taken, and if the picture taken not correctly, the film became matter how I still need bring my film to go to photo shop to print out all the's a long long time story already...

Thank god for technology enhancement, now we have compact digital camera, DLSR,!!! But the price...~_~

I bought a 5 Megapix Pentex digicam 3 Years ago which cost me RM 960 but it Chekai (broken)already after 2 years, so poor!! So I decided to purchase a new one, a tough one. So I start doing budgeting and saving since this June, finally, I have enough money to own one Lumix now.

So what I aim for this year? yes!! I wish:

A DSLR camera come with accessories!!! ^O^ Nikon D300S or D3000 is on my wish list. Hoho!!

I wish to join more photography workshop to learn more about the skill to take good picture.

Also, most importantly, wish to start a photography blog to share about my photography works!! Yeah!!

Let's cheers for Tiger year!!!


IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care 2nd Product Review

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Last week I had talk about the step to use the products in hand and the 1.10 DermClene Facial Cleaser [Cleanse] (for oily/acne).

As promise, this round I will share about the 3.11 DermReviv Conditioning Lotion [Cleanse] (dry skin).U might wonder why Juliana arrange this for me although I have oily skin, at first I also don’t understand why and she said it’s to clean off my make up traces. So I thought it’s a make-up remover, then I used it before the cleanser, but I found that I was wrong, I am silly right? It’s call “Conditioning Lotion”, meaning it’s kind of a toner right? It’s unable to thoroughly remove my make up after I done a few testing on my skin.

However, I found it work well after the cleanser because it can remove my excess traces of cleanser. And one important and good thing it is alcohol free, so it won’t make my skin dry but improves skin hydration!! My skin is sensitive to alcohol, if I apply strong alcohol based toner, skin will develop more acne, terrible!!

Notice that the series 1 (oily/acne) doesn’t have toner, so it’s good to have this as my toner looo!!!

Below are the details:

From Serie: 3 (Dry skin)

Ingredients: Aqua, Pentylene Glycol, Glycerin, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Urea, Sodium PCA, Diglycerin, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Rosa Gallica Extract, Lactic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sorbitol, PCA, L-Lysine, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Allantoin, Portasium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Caramel.

Functions: Removes excess traces of make-up & cleanser, soften skin & improves hydration, revitalizes skin, leading to supple complexion.
How to use: Apply over face with cotton pad after cleanser

Texture: Toner like

Color: Colorless in cotton pad but a bit clear yellowish when see inside the bottle.

Smell: Nice Flora scene, I like it, may be due to flora extract ingredients, don’t know how to describe, but for sure you would like it if u try.

Special Feature(s) + Conclusion after used: Non-drying, alcohol free. In fact there are some others brand alcohol free conditioning lotion in the market, but I like the scene of this lotion, really nice, and relaxing, I’ve tried put it in office(air-con) then apply with cotton pad, I feel a cooling sensation and nice aroma, totally relaxing, I can say that it’s my “peace of mind”!!! U guys should try it out!! (p.s. Don’t know whether can put in fridge or not…:P )

*_*Dearest friends,
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