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Sunday, January 10, 2010

IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care Facebook Super Fan Campaign

Posted by ciawei at 6:17 PM
Last week I went to the Interview for IDI-1858 Super Fan Campaign. Ya, finally I decided to join it after thinking for few weeks. It is because my oily/acne skin had been disturbing me for a decade, so I need to try something new to combat this problem.

Juliana, IDI nutritionist did an analysis on my skin by asking me some questions and looking at my skin, and as expected, I was categorized in Oily/ Acne prone skin group.

After that, she gave me some of the products and asked me to try on-the-spot. Then, Cheng (IDI-staff) took a photo for me before using the product. Prior to that I'm required to sign a agreement to allow IDI to post my photo and video through face book and youtube.

After trying the product, another photo was taken and a short video being recorded. Majorly just mention what is my skin concern and what I hope to achieve. Because of quite nervous, I have been recorded twice for the video.

A whole interview just take about 1 hr, never expect a very fast and simple interview!!! :)

Last but not least, Juliana remind me that I need to stop using my current skin care for 3 mths and switch to IDI products to see the true result. I think this is the most important commitment for every participants to join this contest.

The product given to me
    Please Click below for more details:
  1. 3.11 [Cleanse] DermReviv Conditioning Lotion 150ml
  2. 1.10 [Cleanse] DermClene Facial Cleanser 150ml
  3. 1.20 [Correct] DermClene balancing Cream 50ml
  4. 1.21 [Correct] DermClene Soothing Cream 50ml
  5. 1.30 [Care] DermClene Hydrating Cream 50ml
  6. 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask 50ml
  7. 0.20[Pro] TriAction Face Defender Cream 50ml

* Note that :

  • Purple: Dry skin,
  • Green: Oily/ Acne skin
  • Gold: Premium Treatment skin care





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