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Thursday, October 14, 2010

BeautyFoot Review: Only @ SASA :)

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Firstly a million thanks SASA for the opportunity for the BautyFoot product review. ^__^

Before the review, I explain on this product 1st:
~BEAUTYFOOT launch in Malaysia on 15 JUNE 2010

This advertisement is found on one of the Chinese magazine

~Only available at

The translation:

No rubs, no scratch, no pain to keep away dead skin cells
Just like applying mask for the face.

During the summer, you will wear skirts, sandals and show off your pedicure, do you worry about the hard and rough foot spoil the view of the pedicure?
The latest Japan invented BEAUTYFOOT technology with no rubs, no scratch! And easy-to-use, just like applying mask for your foot.
After 5-7 days of using, the dead skin cell of the foot will peel off naturally by itself. Afer 1 week, you will experience a soft and smooth foot like baby.

~Japanese silk cotton materials and convenient foot wear design
~Contains various ingredients to soften dead skin, experience the change of skin without pain
~Contain various of natural plants extracts that soften, moisture and calm your foot
~Fresh and non-oily

Click to visit BEAUTIFOOT website for more info
Prior to wear the BeautyFOot
Rough foot surface


The image on the box after 5-7 days of using, the skin will peel off naturally and achieve a beautiful foot

A pair of BeautyFoot in form of sock by plastic materials and cotton cloth inside, which the cotton cloth contain many types of natural fruits acids ingredients
Note: have to cut using scissoron the top of the pack before using

How to use?

Check this! I got it from the Youtube

Waiting..waiting...2 hrs, my foot may be too small so I put on the clips to hold it

Left: Before using; Right pic: after 2 hrs of using, the dead skin peeling out itself, but not completely, still need to wait for few days.

My foot after 2 hrs, feeling the differences

1 day...2days...3days...4days
The result after 4days, notice my dead skin cell is slowly peeling off by itself naturally Pls take note do not peel it, let it peel off itself

Don't go away!! Pls follow my blog to know the final result in 1 week yep *wink**~~

Oh....finally finally...

The foot become so soft :)

For more information, please visit BEAUTIFOOT.ORG or any SASA outlets.

Join SASA facebook
Join BEAUTIFOOT facabook

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SASA 零负担非凡丰润糖瓷肌: Zero Burden extraordinary moisture sweet Porcelain Skin

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SaSa Malaysia collaboration with Mina & Queens mag will organize a makeup workshop: 《零负担非凡丰润糖瓷肌》(Zero Burden extraordinary moisture sweet Porcelain Skin)

You can experience CYBER COLORS Gemstone Collection foundation effects,and learn the makeup technic from Japanese makeup artist! Seats are limited, act quickly!!
Date:2010,Oct 29
Time: 11:00am
Venue: Platinum Room, Seventh Heaven, Pavilion KL (7th Floor)
Seats: 30 pax
How to apply:
Visit any SaSa Klang Valley or Selecti've Sasa,bought any RM89.90 CYBER COLORS Gemstone Collection
~Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation SPF20 PA++ or
~Gemstone Compact SPF40 PA+++,
Plus additional RM10
Goodies bag: RM280 Sasa Cybercolor makeup items,including:
Gemstone Eyeshadow Palette, Gemstone Blush Wear, Gemstone Silky Glowing Rouge and MegaCurl Mascara

Any inquiries pls contact Sa Sa @ 03-92826877

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SASA Guest Reviews Wanted!!

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Hi all, good news here!! ^.^ Pls helping to spread the news ok!!
SASA will be having another guest review program, this round they going to give 30 lucky bloggers and 70 SASA facebook fans people to review for it!!

I was getting my BeautyFoot product last week and going to review it soon by Oct 17, 2010. So stay tune to my blog. I'm going to show my not miss it!! *wink* ~.~

So what is this round products offered? Deng deng!!!


**Below is details extracted from SASA blog**

Who is Collistar? Let’s start with products offered by a company named Collistar, shall we?

Collistar has been the N°1 brand in Italian selective perfumery since 2003, achieving incredible results for the last 6 years as:

The brand having the most dynamic and balanced range, performing homogeneously with all its lines
The company with the best rotation and with the lowest stock
The brand that contributed most significantly to the growth of the perfumery market
And what Sa Sa wants to introduce to our fans today is Collistar’s Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub. Now now, what comes to mind when you first read the name??
*guess guess guess =P*

Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub is the first ‘heat-effect’ talasso-scrub. The extracts with lipolitic properties acts on superficial fatty deposits, and stimulates the skin microcirculation. Too scientific? Allow me to simplify it =)

It basically means that the heat treatment will stimulate your skin’s microcirculation and creates an intense remodelling and lipolitic effect which has immediate yet visible effectiveness! Yes, a slim-wrap effect! This amazing scrub contains sea salt, glycerine, green tea, ivy, fucus vasciculosus, fig shoots, Actisculpt, essential oils of rosemary and lavender which work different miracles on your body. That’s a lot of goodness in a 700gram jar! (RSP: RM145)

CAMPAIGN: Guest Reviews for Collistar – Thermoactive Talasso Scrub
Time of submission: 13th of October – 20th of October 2010
Results to be out: 29th October 2010 (before 6p.m)
Blogger’s blog post submission: 14th November 2010 (before 12a.m)

- Have a personal blog (that’s about fashion, beauty and the joys & woes of being a woman)
- Have been blogging actively for the past six months (at least four posts per month)
- Interested to do a product trial and blog review for Collistar
- Able to pick up the trial product from six selected Sa Sa Stores in KLANG VALLEY
- Able to complete product trial and blog review by 14th November 2010 before 12a.m. (for bloggers)
- Able to complete product trial and product survey by 14th November 2010 before 12a.m.(for Facebook and Twitter fans)

For further details, pls go to SASA blog!!

So go to SASA blog to submit your details now.

Cheers!!!! ^_______^

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Juju Aquamoist Pure 100 H Essence Review

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I have been pending this review for so long. This round review is Juju Aquamoist star product!!!

Juju Aquamoist Pure 100 H

Juju Aquamoist Pure 100 H texture

A simple intro to Juju AquaMoist Pure 100 H:
~This “Pure H100” essence preserves the moisturizing effect with hyaluronic acid that also builds up the moisture barrier to dam hydration within your skin. Better use before sleep. Next day morning, you’ll discover the difference of your elasticity and resilience that should be best preparation for your makeup. It is suitable to ALL SKIN TYPES!

~Fragrance-free/no fragrance, No coloring, No mineral oil, No alcohol, and oil free.

The left side: ideal skin; right side: dehydrated and lack of elasticity skin

1st night:
Feeling of the texture: A soft liquid transparent gel type, apply after toner, the essence penetrate very fast into the skin without any layer on the skin.

2nd day onwards,
Feel skin more elastic and moisture!!! I am still using it...

It is ideal to use with the lotion for better effect!

Will I continue using it? Definitely Yes!!

SHINS Mid Valley Evolution Party

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SHINS Mid Valley Evolution Party
Venue: SHINS Midvalley Level 2
Date: 15 Sept 2010
Time: 12.00 pm

A little bit about SHINS's Products:
Key product range of SHINS including Hair Care, Skin Care, Body & Slimming Care, Nail Care, Cosmetics, Perfume and Beauty accessories & tools.

The products are largely imported from USA, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Japan and Australia.

I am so excited and happy to be one of the 2 bloggers that invited to the SHINS party above. And met the celebrities in town!! Including Celebrity Emcee Goh Wee Ping, Amazing Race Asia2’s Pamela & Venessa, Miss World Malaysia 1st runner up 2008 Cindy Chen, Project Superstar winner Johnson Wee, Star Jackie Lim & more…

The theme of the event was Orange Beauty, so everyone wearing in Orange color. Oh fortunately I found my Orange blouse!

The registration counter, all the staff were wearing in Orange too!

Prior to the event, around 12pm

Where is my signature?

The two lucky bloggers: Tammy & I

I saw Fatin there too!!

Gorgeous Amber Chia and some celebrities

The official launch of the new flagships store!

SHINS was doing charity as their corporate responsibility to adopt 20 children

What is special about the event day:-
~On the event day, upon purchase of RM 250, customer will be given 2 years free membership. Normal is spend RM 1000. Or pay RM 10 for 2 years membership.
~RM 10 worth of vouchers (valid on the event day) were given to first 200 customers that queue up on the event day started 2pm.
~The 20 winners of the facebook contest were collecting their free Kings & Queens shower gel worth RM 35 & RM 10 voucher.
~Free flow of orange juice and limited edition Tiger beer(sad I can't drink beer) and also some delicious finger foods.
There was a lucky draw too, 3 SHINS hampers!! Won by 3 lucky medias!!

I am quite happy I got the nice goodie bags and a haul.

The goodie bag: RM 50 voucher, Kings & Queens shower gel & lotion

I am aiming to buy the Juice Organic Pomwash and Brigtening Cleanser.But I put it as my waiting list because I really have too many cleansers already.

The Juice Organic series

The Young Blood Series (Mineral Cosmetics) which currently having promotion too

So what I bought?....

I bought this!! Yes ECOTOOL!! One of the CLEO Hall of Fame award winner 2010

Since I have so keen on it since I saw it in CLEO magazine!

It come with a recycle pouch

So, SHINS is also on FB now, have u LIKE SHINS? Click Here!! Also for more information of the products. Find out at SHINS official website here, there have a complete and updated price list of each product and you can pruchase online too which the product will deliver to your door steps!! Now they still having promotion on certain products, so have a visit to SHINS store to find out more!! Store Location

Friday, September 10, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

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Are You Moist Enough? Of course my skin moist enough, more than enough as I using Vaseline everyday, from lip to toe!!

Being inspired by Hari Raya Aidilfitri, a meaningful festival that full of love and warmth. It reminds me that it is important to keep our skin moisture 24/7, to have good skin not only during Raya. But on the other hand, have we to moist up out heart and mind too. I'm not good in writing, so this is what in my mind:-

So let's start today to be good!

Stay Healthy and Moist 100%

Enjoy the nice scene

Cia wei

Monday, August 30, 2010

SHINS Mid Valley evolution party

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SHINS will open up 2 places for blogger for the party above..
Just join friends, see who are the lucky one? ^^

So excited to know that the theme is Orange Beauty, Orange is always a lucky and happy colour!!

Orange boost my energy up, keep me stay healthy, happy and be a beauty, because of the natural SHINS Organic products!!

So what u waiting for? Come and support SHINS @ FB. !! For more products info, click here..
Lets join as SHINS FB fans and get more latest news, promotions, activities and events!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

B.liv Off with Those Head Sebum Gel

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I've been so long not sharing my skin care product review. Probably I'm too lazy, haha..but recently I have tried one very effective product that make me really want to blog it out!

Yes it's B.liv Off with Those Heads Sebum Gel

I have very oily and shiny face, especially on my T-zone, my nose is greasy all the times and I'm suffering the black heads & white heads problem for years.I even need to do deep cleansing mask on my nose everyday but couldn't reduce my problem. Sometimes I pinch the black head out of my nose using fingers!! I knew it's not good but I extremely hate those HEADS!!
Until I tried this sebum gel.

Here is the summary for my review:-

How to use: Press a pea-size and apply on T-zone/nose after toner and massage to absorb. Use day and night following with normal skin care routine.

Texture: Yes, I really love it because it's transparent gel type, the feeling is nice because I felt my nose is amazingly clean.

Effect: 5 STARS given!! No need to pinch again, no need to suffer!! Those heads are reduce because it's able to melt away the heads and avoid the forming of those heads. Not only that, it also slow down my sebum production on my nose.

Where to get it? it's a hot selling item in all SASA outlet.

Just for the info:
Now SASA 1U and Selective One Utama are having bliv promotion, just print out the voucher here (Duration: 3 - 10 August 2010) to get RM 20 off of all the bliv product. Join the bliv and SASA Malaysia fan page for more info,good news and contest!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sasa Malaysia Pink Blogger Tea session

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Hi SASA Fans out there, it is a breaking news to you all, SASA will have their very first event for bloggers and fans, anyone interested please send yr info to:

with the following info:
Name on FB:
Blog URL:
Blogging since:

Please join SASA Facebook and become SASA Fans for more info about the promotions and events, lots of surprise awaiting u :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World Cup Street Party

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Hey friend, do u like football? Feeling lonely to watch to World Cup Final, here the chance for you to watch the final with all fans.

Also, you got the chance to win the great prize. Spread the word now!!
Here are the details:
Sunday, 11 July at Bangsar, Telawi 3, 8pm onwards.

-World Cup Street Party @ Bangsar Telawi 3, July 11th
-Doors open 8pm onwards
-1000 prizes up for grabs, i.e. Ipod Touch, Digital Cameras, PSP, Mobile phones, Soccer jerseys, MP3 Players, WiMAX-Inside 4G laptops etc.
-Grand Prize: A Lotus Elise
-Massive giant screen to watch World Cup Finals LIVE
-Carnival like street party – Deejays, Singers, Dancers, Hip Hop Performances, Drum Troops etc
-Beautiful people in town will be there!
-Free entry
-Only 18 and above are allowed entry – IC verification at registration point

Print out this flyer to redeem a FREE drink voucher at our P1 booth. While stocks last.

Monday, July 5, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

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I am person who like to dream, imagine what if this, what if that...

This time going to imagine that "What If I’m a Russian Spy".

What would I do? I will going to be a very ordinary person running a spa center which fund by my Mother country, this is my new personality that nobody will know my the same time generate income for my own shopping. Haha..^^

My mission would be very simple, hunting down all good events, gathering information to submit to my boss to show that I really work. Oh crazy, I'm going to be fired!! Anyway, it is just a dream...time to wake up!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make up Forever - David Arbid (Part 1)

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It was last Sunday, went to the PJ state for a Makeup Forever (MUFE) makeup class, yes it was more like a course than a workshop but I have learn a lot!!

May be I am too new to make up, the whole class seems quite fast to me, I should attend beginner one. >.<
This reminds me my class room during uni time

This is David Arbid-International Makeup Artist

So many makeup thingy!!

parts of MUFE makeup products

All kinds of brushes

one of the liquid foundation

This Oil-free face Matifying primer is nice: no more feeling oily

The foundation that give mat effect

Concealer, there are 16 shades of concealer if not mistaken, wow! 16!

At the back of the concealer packaging- they call it "camouflage cream"

This is eye shadow, can use for lips, face art too, there are multiple colors to choose from

It's gel type and the color very long lasting and easy to stay on skin, ideal for face art

Eye Liners

Lip liners also so many shades, I'm fainted already...O_o

Lip Gloss, notice that the lip gloss also have dark color, it is to cater for dark skin people

The HD (High Definition) Range

The whole bunch of HD range

This High Definition Elixir : a serum that is really good, apply before any makeup even for eyes area, it can reduce puffiness!! I like it!!

Blusher in cream type, lots of shades to cater for many types of skin tone

shades of foundation-in the HD (High Definition) range

Primers and some HD range, the primer :so beautiful colors

High Definition powder, it is kind of loose powder (white), it's suitable to all skin tone!! I like this too!! Will tell u why in next part!! ^_^

HD Concealer: just twist the head of the concealer and apply, very hygienic

This is magic, after apply on eye, for long lasting eye makeup effect, it is waterproof

Mist & Fix spray: final steps for makeup, to make fix the makeup

Cleansing oil and milk

~Come back tomorrow for more Part 2 updates on the details for the above~
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