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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Health Forum 2009 - By Heath Today

Posted by ciawei at 10:16 PM
Another Health Forum I attended was in 8 November at The Garden Convention Center. It was held by Health Today magazine. Each participant need to pay RM 50 for entrance fee and entitle for goodie bag too.

This Health Forum was conducted in a more interactive way. There split to 5 sessions, after each session there is a lucky draw. Lots of free gift and lucky draw...Cheng won 2 Centrum lucky and this was the first time in his life to win prize in lucky draw!!! Gosh!!!

After each talk there was a Q & A and also pop quiz for the audience to win prizes, those prize were suppliments and vitamins.

Too bad luck...although a lot of lucky draw prizes given out, but I could not win one...too bad...sob sob..:(

Anyway, this is another good and happy day spent with Cheng...Again!!!



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