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Monday, December 28, 2009

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Posted by ciawei at 7:57 PM
During September 09, I've been taken my first Cervical Cancer vaccination. In Menara MCA as MCA had subsidised for Cervical Cancer Vaccination, we just need to register there and pay RM 660 for 3 vaccine. Pay RM 220 at 1st jab the RM 200 subsequently for the 2nd and 3rd jsbs.

I'm feeling lucky as earlier I've plan to take the vaccine in clinic but it cost almost RM 1K ++!!! After few days I receive flyer from MCA at the LRT station, there is subsidise to take 3 jabs at only RM 660, almost half price!!! The vaccine they used is Gardasil form MSD which is able to protect from 4 types of HPVs.

On the 1st day there are not many pp, may be a lot of them are unaware of that or the awareness about the Cervical Cancer is not that "popular" among Malaysian women.
It just take me half day to complete 1 jab.

Actually being scarying by some of the website claiming about the side effect of Cervical Cancer, I am doubt whether to take or not, but after encourage by ChengI am confident to take it. Honestly, for me, I just had some arm pain after the injection for few days, no major side effect, thank my god for protection.

For those who haven't got vaccinate, I' strongly encourage to take it because Cervical cancer is the second killer of Malaysian women after breast cancer. I believe MCA will have another same campaign for next year.



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