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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Health Forum 2009 - By Heath Today

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Another Health Forum I attended was in 8 November at The Garden Convention Center. It was held by Health Today magazine. Each participant need to pay RM 50 for entrance fee and entitle for goodie bag too.

This Health Forum was conducted in a more interactive way. There split to 5 sessions, after each session there is a lucky draw. Lots of free gift and lucky draw...Cheng won 2 Centrum lucky and this was the first time in his life to win prize in lucky draw!!! Gosh!!!

After each talk there was a Q & A and also pop quiz for the audience to win prizes, those prize were suppliments and vitamins.

Too bad luck...although a lot of lucky draw prizes given out, but I could not win one...too bad...sob sob..:(

Anyway, this is another good and happy day spent with Cheng...Again!!!


Health Forum 2009

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Last November 1, Cariing Pharmacy was conducting a Health Care Forum in Sumway Pyramid convention center which was free entrance with early registration. So I decided to go with Cheng and register for him as well.

Early in the morning around 9am, we thought we already very early and should find free parking easily however it was full!!! OMG!!! Then no choice we went to park at Sunway lo...for whole day I think RM 8, pain....:(

When we reach the Convention Center, wow!! Surprisingly there were a lot of people queing up for free medical checking already!!! But fortunately we manage to grab ourselve the door gift which is limited to 1st 300 registered guests. Inside the goodie bag there were sample size, vitamin C, Bio Quinone CoEnzyme Q10, Nuvafemme tablets, Bio Life suppliments. :)

Then there were counters which selling vitamins, suppliments at discount or free gift with purchase, really good deals but I have a lot of stock at home so not buying. But Cheng bought the Live Well Q10 which around RM 134++ which got free 1 suppliment. Q10 is good for him as he got hectic working life.

Then we heading to do the free Blood test, there was Omron booth there selling different type of Omron BP monitor at lower than retail price. However Cheng already bought his one so can not buy again la!!

It is quite dissapointed that most of the free medical check like bone density test, blood sugar and etc are restrict only to those age 40 and above.

The forum, conducted by doctors and professionals had been provide me knowledge about H1N1 Virus, how smoking cause harm, high blood pressure, diebetes and Cervical cancer. It totally brought great awareness to every attendee.

Last but not least, the lucky draw which giveaway fabulous prizes was so excited!!! Although we didn't win a prize but undeniabaly it was a meaningful day I spent with Cheng.


About Losing Weight

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I've been lost 8 kgs in 2 months...believe it or not? Even myself was not realised about it.

Since July 09, I've been diagnosed of Hormonal imbalance. May be too stress sometimes, when I stress I tend to eat a lot and my weight gain. That time I was 50kg, doctor advice not to gain weight because it will worsen my situation.

Ok, then I started excercise regularly, jogging and climb up stair every evening after work. But it still not work, after few weeks, I decided to cut down my dinner portion by substituting my dinner with fruits that are low in sugar. I've been stop MC D, KFC and nasi lemak for almost half year.

Yup, until now, I've been significantly lose of 8 kgs, now I'm 42kg, believe it or not, without slimming treatment or any pill, all by natural way!!!

Now hoping my hormone will gain to normal level...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

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During September 09, I've been taken my first Cervical Cancer vaccination. In Menara MCA as MCA had subsidised for Cervical Cancer Vaccination, we just need to register there and pay RM 660 for 3 vaccine. Pay RM 220 at 1st jab the RM 200 subsequently for the 2nd and 3rd jsbs.

I'm feeling lucky as earlier I've plan to take the vaccine in clinic but it cost almost RM 1K ++!!! After few days I receive flyer from MCA at the LRT station, there is subsidise to take 3 jabs at only RM 660, almost half price!!! The vaccine they used is Gardasil form MSD which is able to protect from 4 types of HPVs.

On the 1st day there are not many pp, may be a lot of them are unaware of that or the awareness about the Cervical Cancer is not that "popular" among Malaysian women.
It just take me half day to complete 1 jab.

Actually being scarying by some of the website claiming about the side effect of Cervical Cancer, I am doubt whether to take or not, but after encourage by ChengI am confident to take it. Honestly, for me, I just had some arm pain after the injection for few days, no major side effect, thank my god for protection.

For those who haven't got vaccinate, I' strongly encourage to take it because Cervical cancer is the second killer of Malaysian women after breast cancer. I believe MCA will have another same campaign for next year.

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