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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shiseido Maquillage Promo

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Want to get pretty irresistible?

Come visit us at the Centre Court of Mid Valley Megamall because we are there from today (25 July) right till 31 July 2011 for the MQ Pretty Irresistible promotion!
Try out our BRAND NEW Kissable Rouge, and get the chance to take home an MQ Base sample, absolutely free!

And a bonus to all our Camellia members – get 5x points during this promotion!


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I am back to my baby blog..huh~ being abandon my blog for 1 month. OMG! I have never realize that, I need to catch up soon!

In hometown again...time to relief and think of my future. Being 3 years plus in a same position is not long yet not too short, but it is enough for me to gain the knowledge and experience and look for a hop. I really appreciate that the things I had gained and learned at current my position. But the feeling of reaching the bottom neck sending an alarm to me: I need a change!.

Yeah! I'm ready and welcome to all the challenges! :)

Ready, Set, Go!! &...wish me luck yep!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Nasi Ayam Kampung @ Restoran A Hassan

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Restoran A Hassan

Inilah kali pertama saya makan nasi ayam kampungdi restoran. Selalunya makan di kampungku: Terengganu, ayam-ayam kampungyang diternak oleh nenek saya. Restoran A Hassan ni memang memberi perasaan nostalgia kepada saya.

Restoran A Hassan ni memang terkenal dengan ayam goreng, ayam percik kampong. Belum sampai pukul 1 petang sudah ramai beratur di depan pintu.

Ayam Kampong:
Apa keistimewaan ayam kampong?
-Ayam Kampungni terkenal dengan kekurusannya,
-Daging sikit.

Keenakkanya tiada bandingan! Yang antaranya saya paling suka peha ayam kampong, kurus tapi perasaan semasa di mulut berbeza dengan ayam biasa, ini mungkin disebabkan oleh ayam kampungbiasa lari-lari dan jalan-jalan banyak! Anda pasti akan suka mengunyahnya sepuas-puas!!

Ayam kampungni mesti makan bersama sos cili pedas yang disediakan khas. Kombinasi kedua-duanya pasti enak sekali! Untuk kau yang suka pedas, ingatkan taruh banyak-banyak sos cili pedas!!

Oh pedas! Apa boleh buat? Pastinya ABC yang paling menyegarkan selepas makanan pedas-pedas ni!

Selain itu, restoran A Hassan juga mempunyai lauk-pauk seperti ketam, kerang, mentarang, daging, ikan, sayur-sayuran yang beraneka pilihannya.

Lala/ Siput: Kuah Lala sungguh enak dimakan bersama nasi! Lala sungguh enak dimakan tanpa nasi! Haha~

Keselesaan dalam restoran: Segar dan selesa walaupun cuaca panas di luar disebabkan kipas-kipas yang banyak…ni tempat lepak-lepak yang bagus jugak! Tapi hiasan dalaman biasa saja.

Nasi Puteh: RM 1.20
Ayam Goreng/Gulai/Percik: RM 4.00
Semua harga di antara RM 1.20 hingga RM 8.00 (Lala Besar).

Akhir kata: ~Restoran ni nampak biasa, harga biasa tapi ayam kampongnya memberi perasaan yang luar biasa~

Anda pasti tidak akan menyesal untuk merasainya.

Ramainya yang beratur sebelum makan tengah hari

Senarai Harga

Inilah makanan tengah hari saya

Ayam Goreng dengan sos cili pedas khas, yummy!

Lala dengan kuah yang sedap!

Nasi campur

ketam-ketam, sedap!

enaknya ayam goreng kampung

35G Jalan USJ 10/1 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor

Friday, April 29, 2011

My Beautiful Journey with FABULA COLLAGEN MAX

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**~~Sharing my Beautiful Journey with Fabula Collagen Max~~**

I am quite curious about collagen drink quite a while ago, and would like to know more about it. Prior to that, I have tried Fabula Collagen Max that free from ifeel Magazine. Without hesitation, I went to SASA and bought it. There are so many variety of collagen drink, finally I had chosen Fabula which is my first ever collagen drink.

I love this Tag Line:
[Life is Pure, Beauty is Simple]
Fabula Collagen Max 带你 回到原点,看待美丽。。轻熟龄之不老魔法!!

Retail Price RM158 1 box of 10 bottles,now SASA promotion RM 148 Free 2 bottles. Pink color packaging with Lynn picture on it. Cant wait to start my beautiful journey now...
What is Collagen? Why it is so important to our body? Collagen is one of the most plentiful proteins present in the our body. Without it, the body and skin would lost elasticity.

so we should start having collagen start from our early 20s!!

Fabula Collagen Max Ingredients:

Notice that beside Collagen, it also contain a lots of vitamins and nutrients!!
(Click to enlarge view)

Collagen Max contain collagen up to 9,000 mg!!Which is quite competitive in the market.
A comparison of collagen ingredient...Fabula Collagen Max contains 3 times more collagen compare to other! 9,000 mg of Collagen!! It is totally Collagen "MAX"IMUM!!

Fabula Collagen Max was Watsons Award Winning Brand: Best Beauty Drink,Official helathy drink for ifeel girl search and Miss Astro

“Beauty from Love, Beauty from within” ...The Brand Story...
Few years ago, right before Lynn's 30th birthday, her husband tried to find out what she wants for her big day. "Something that will revive beauty and youth!" she casually answered. CollagenMAX, the collagen drink that she misses so much, instantly sprung to his mind. Right there andthen, he decided to bring this product into Malaysia, and surprised her with this news on her birthday!! And this brought the good news to us in Malsysia too!!

Beautiful Lynn with a new look! :)
Why the brand cname all "Fabula"? This is a take on the word "fabulous", embodying the simple ways of achieving high quality of life. Under Fabula, CollagenMAX exudes this philosophy as well: Life is pure, beauty is simple.

~~I started my beautiful journey with Fabula Collagen Max~~
This is me, wo weeks ago,my skin looks dull and tired, due to sleep late every night...

The color is golden yellow and full of nice fruity taste.

[Remember, 1 bottles per 3 days, 12 bottles per pack last for 36 days]

[The best time to take it is on the early morning before breakfast, it is to enhance absorption. Drink some plain water to quench your thirst as it might be a bit thicky]

After 2 weeks, I see my changes, my skin is more brighter and radiant. Thanks to Collagen Max!!


You can find Fabula Collagen Max in Watson, Guardian, Sasa. If you lazy to go shopping, you can actually purchase online. They offer FREE DELIVERY!

Fabulous Lynn is on Facebook too!!Join the beautiful family now!!
*Just click to image to LIKE Lynn Facebook pageFabulouslynn Facebook.

我与Fabula Collagen Max的美肌路程

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**~~分享我与Fabula Collagen Max的美肌路程~~**

之前对胶原蛋白很好奇, 想知道多点,也试过了随ifeel 杂志附送的Fabula Collagen Max。就忍不住自己跑去SASA 抱了回来亲身体验了.在林林总总的胶原产品中俳徊了一下,最后也就选了Fabula Collagen Max。这是我人生的第一个Collagen Drink呢!

抱着满怀期待的心情回家,我的美丽路程也该开始了吧!!粉红色的包装,还有Lynn 的照片哦!!在莎莎买的,原价158,特价148还附送两瓶呢!!总共12瓶,每三天一瓶,供36天饮用。

我本身很喜欢这Tag Line:
[Life is Pure, Beauty is Simple]
Fabula Collagen Max 带你 回到原点,看待美丽。。轻熟龄之不老魔法!!


以下是Fabula Collagen Max 的成分:
我发现Collagen Max除了胶原9,000 mg 之外,它还附含很多维他命呢!!(Click to enlarge view)

Collagen Max 的胶原份量还是市场上一数二的呢,Collagen 成分= 9,000 mg!!

全体Collagen比一比...Fabula Collagen Max 比其它品牌多出三倍的Collagen呢!!
Fabula Collagen Max 含 9,000 mg 的 Collagen!! 名副其实,果然是 Collagen "MAX"IMUM!!

Fabula Collagen Max是Watsons的Award Winning 产品,ifeel girl search 和Miss Astro 的官方饮品

“Beauty from Love, Beauty from within”美丽之开始。。。这美丽的产品是靓靓的Lynn从日本引进的。Lynn 是因为男友(现任丈夫)在早年前去日本公干时买来送给她,她试了后觉得很不错,想大量买入。在她三十岁生日之前,丈夫向她打听想要什么礼物?她一句无心之言:“想要把青春找回?的礼物!”丈夫想起当年买给她—— 而她也念念不忘的CollagenMax,於是决定把这个产品引进大马,并在她生日当天公布这个消息,给了她大大的惊喜!也让大家都受惠!!

这是为什么产品名字叫Fabula 哦!!这是提倡极好、极美、极真、极简易的高生活品质的代名词。


色泽带亮金,有浓浓的果香味,甜甜的, 口感极佳


[要记得每天早上饮用,空着肚子早餐之前最佳! 建议喝杯清水来解渴.]

两星期后,我看到了改变!!肌肤更加紧实,亮丽了。谢谢Collagen Max!!

Fabula Collagen Max 带你 回到原点,看待美丽。。轻熟龄之不老魔法!!


Fabulous Lynn 在面子书哦!!快加入这美丽的大家庭吧!!
*请点击上Fabulouslynn Facebook.
Fabula Collagen Max在Watsons, Guardian, 和SASA 都可以找到。如果懒得出门,你也可以上网购买哦!!邮费是免费的呢!!


For those do know know Chinese, please check out my post in English here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aqua Label Enhancer WT Review

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Have you heard of Aqua Label Enhancer WT?
This a new technology of whitening formula form Shiseido lab. The texture just like white up lotion but it use after lotion, serum and emulsion! It is to help to enhance the absorption of the serum and emulsion to your skin!

If you want to achieve good result with lower cost, this is the choice for you!! It is not only contain whitening effect but hydrating effect!

Cleansing foam - Lotion – Serum - Emulsion – Enhancer – Moisturizer

From left to right: White Up lotion, emulsion, and enhancer

White Up Enhancer WT

This is the whole range with steps(click to enlarge)

After using it for 3 weeks, I feel my skin has been moisturized as well as whiten up. Yes, the enhancer is very important to enhance my skin absorption. Thanks Aqua Label! :)

Easter Day Celebration in Prince Hotel

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How you celebrate your Easter Day last week? I have a wonderful one in Prince Hotel & Residential KL!! :) Makan-makan buffet brunch until I gain weight!

The Easter Decoration was so lovely

A cozy corner for you and family

So yummy, I want to eat it all!

So many variety of food here

Nice nice with a chocolate rabbit as decoration!!

Sweet and colorful!

colorful food and nice deco

I can't stop eating

This special Wanton Mee is hot and nice

The food is make me have good appetite

Delicious Dessert

Nice Chocolate fountain, I miss it, too full eating other yummy things

Face painting for kids too!!

This Kid so happy and play around, em..naughty naughty!!

Guess who is him? hehe...


Met Devi there!!

Last but not least is to thanks prince Hotel for a wonderful Easter Day!!

Do not forget the check out Prince Hotel Mother's day contest @ Facebook! You could win a buffet brunch for 4 on mothers day!!

Also !!There are some promotions running now!
Mother's Day Brunch
8 May 2011
Brunch, 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm
RM72++ per person
Children under 12 at half price.

1-Remember Wednesday night is "Seafood Buffet" night at Eccucino! To all the seafood lovers, you will love Eccucino's Seafood buffet! Kids below 12 years eat FREE! Eccucino buffet dinner at only RM88++ per person.
For reservations, please call Eccucino at tel: +603-2170 8888 ext:8119/ 8120 or email:
2.Check out their May promotion here
Click to enlarge
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